Patrick Gill 6 Apps to Help You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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The end is near. There are only 3 days until the world ends. Or so says the Mayan Calendar, zombie theorists, and other highly “credible” sources. We have considered several end of the world theories and realized that Data Cave is where we want to be in the case of a zombie apocalypse. We are fully equipped with:

  • zombie apocalypseHigh walls with minimal windows
  • Building-in-building design
  • Video surveillance
  • Powerful generators
  • Remote location
  • Humvee

All of which, we believe a zombie could not defeat. We realize that not everyone has access to Data Cave, in the case of a zombie apocalypse. In order to keep you prepared, we gathered a list of the top 6 apps that will keep you safe, should zombies overtake the world.

1. Map of the Dead

This app gives you a map of critical resources such as gas stations and grocery stores to keep you nourished during the struggle. The app also highlights critical danger areas such as police stations and hospitals that may be overrun with zombies.

2. Ghost Radar Legacy

It’s better to be safe than sorry. While many TV shows have depicted the zombie apocalypse, we cannot be certain what it may bring. In the case that the zombies align with ghosts, this app will give allow you to see what the naked eye cannot. (Note: It’s ghost detection software competency can neither be confirmed nor denied. Use at your own risk.)

3. Army Survival Guide

The Army trains its troops to be prepared and survive many conditions. This highly pragmatic app offers you their field tested survival tips ranging from the psychology of survival to water procurement. You may need to become “army strong” and this app gives you the skills you need to achieve this.

4. Zombie Booth

In the ever digital age, it is likely that the zombies will have access to smart phones and computers, if smart enough to use them. Should you find yourself in mobile or electronic communication with a zombie, use the zombie booth app to create an appropriate avatar to dupe the living dead. By transforming your appearance to resemble that of a zombie, you may buy yourself time to decide your next move.

5. Motion Detector Pro

As we said in our last zombie-related blog, it is much easier to defeat a zombie when you know they are coming. Should you lack video surveillance, this app will provide you with basic motion detection software and can even serve as video surveillance system, both of which will help you elude zombies in your immediate area.

6. How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Are you adequately prepared to survive a zombie apocalypse? This app will test your knowledge to see just how adequate your zombie survival skills are. It asks you questions and will help you prepare appropriately for the impending zombie takeover.

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