Kara Manon 8 Geek-Proof Valentine’s Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is upon us. We thought we would help the women who love the men who love technology. Here are 8 Geek-Proof Valentine’s Gifts He’s Sure to Love for all of you last minute shoppers.

1. Morphie Juice pack Helium iPhone 5 Charging Case, Morphie.com, $79.95

For the iPhone addict. Despite continued upgrades and improvements from Apple, some people just always seem to be in the red zone of their battery life. With this case, your man will never have a dead phone again or an excuse not to call.

2. AviiQ Portable Charging Station Mini Folio, AviiQ.com, $99.99

For the man on the move. This folio acts as a mobile charging station with 4 USB ports and a cable management system, allowing your gadget laden gentleman, to travel with ease while keeping his devices fully charged. And, he will look good doing as it comes in beautiful genuine Italian calf skin.

3. LiveScribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen, Amazon.com, $169.95

For the notable nerd. At Data Cave, we encourage our employees and customers to be paperless, but some find the transition rough. This pen allows your man to take traditional pen-and-paper notes and simultaneously transcribes them to Evernote (which we love). It also records audio. Ultimately, it remembers so you don’t have to.

4. Electric Goldfish in a Bowl, ThinkGeek.com, $19.99

For the animal lover( who might not be ready to commit). This goldfish provides the ultimate pet experience, without the responsibilities but with an LED light show. Just add water, and your fish will swim and shine its way into your heart. It’s much cooler than sea monkeys, and there is no need to buy food or worry about a pet sitter.

5. Batman Chocolate and Ice Molds, The Fancy, $15

For your superhero. Pop culture may tell you chocolate covered strawberries are best for Valentine’s Day, but we disagree. Chocolate comes best in Batman form. Send your love the Bat Signal in chocolate, and you’ll be sure to save the day.

6. Levitron Floating Stand, The Fancy, $99

For the powerful magic man. This stand defies gravity and provides a magical experience by levitating up to 13 oz. in midair. Using EZ Float technology, it allows model planes, boats, and other collectibles to float in midair and is a guaranteed conversation starter. (Bonus: We found a discounted version at Amazon!)

7. Game Klip, Gameklip.com, $14.95

For the gamer. The Game Klip gives your honey the hands-on controller experience he desires from his gaming console with the mobility of his Android phone.

8. Wireless TV Headphones, Brookstone, $49.99

For the night owl. Ever have one of those nights when he wants to stay up late The Big Bang Theory and you want to go to sleep? These headphones will allow him to enjoy the antics of Sheldon and Leonard while you sleep in peaceful silence.

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