A Short Week

September 9, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Due to the holiday and some inclement weather, the crews only worked just over three full days.

Tuesday morning began with a majority of the interior footers constructed.

A few members of the block crew arrived on Tuesday to layout block.

In the meantime, the concrete crew continued on with the footers. Pictured below is the interior east wall.

Here is another picture of the interior east wall. This shot was taken during the concrete pour. The individual in the foreground is placing the rebar for this footer.

Later in the week, the block crew started the first two courses of brick.

Before the block crew got too far along, we ran additional conduit inside the building. This conduit will allow us to connect the two separate fiber connections together.

Unfortunately rain kept the crews from working most of the day Friday. Here’s a picture of the entire site from late Thursday, as you can see, quite a bit was completed.

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