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At a facility like Data Cave, customers come and go as they will, for whatever reason, including if they were to want to look at  their Blinkenlights. To facilitate this, we use a door controller system from Infinias. The Intelli-M software, combined with their eIDC IP-based door control modules, comprise a system which allows fine-grained access control, entrance and exit reporting, bad access attempts, and a visual “muster” screen which allows us to see who’s in the building, and where, in a moment. The modules are also flexible enough to accommodate being integrated at the entrance and exit gates, garage doors, and hand scanners (see below).

biometric hand scanner

Biometric Hand Scanner

We chose our particular card readers because they accept almost any RFID-based security tokens. When a new customer comes to our building to get setup for access to a data suite, we can scan their own company card, and use it within our system to enable and limit access as appropriate. There’s no need for multiple tokens!

To prevent sharing of cards between employees of a company, we have also implemented a biometric hand scanner from Schlage. This device sits at the entrance to the customer hall that branches out to each suite. It combines an identification based on the usual security card with a scan of the vein patterns in the customer’s hand for a two-factor authentication to get to actual customer equipment.

Watching over all of this entrance and exit activity, of course, is a system of IP-based security cameras. As opposed to many proprietary systems, these cameras directly capture their own individual events, and upload them to a server for review. Several screens in prominent view within the building keep frequently-refreshed snapshots of what’s happening in and around the building.

Note that we briefly reviewed ZoneMinder for an open-source system to review captured video more easily, but found that the number of our cameras overwhelmed the network bandwidth and CPU capacity of a single server. However, this was because the server was doing all of the processing of video change events, not the cameras. Apparently, it’s now possible for ZoneMinder to use certain cameras’ built-in capabilities, like this, but we have not tried it.

Lastly, our external entrances are jointly controlled with a Aiphone AX system, which provides a closed video/audio system so that we can review who has come to the gate or the receiving doors before we open them. Again, thanks to our door controllers, integrating this system’s door open request signal was very easy.


Data Cave is a privately owned and operated Tier IV data center located in Columbus, Indiana convenient to Indianapolis, Louisville and Cincinnati. Please contact us for more information at 866-514-2283.

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