Caleb Tennis Are US IT jobs going away, permanently?

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globeAn article at looks at the fact that the current losses in IT jobs probably won’t come back. From the article:

To succeed over the next five years, companies need to understand how to reposition existing talent; jettison or rationalize current jobs that have no place in the leveraged organization; and source, develop and retain still others to fill the need for new skills, both offshore and in retained onshore staff.

The article surmises that with the rise in broadband connections and a growing global workforce, coupled with the fact that offshore salaries are significantly lower, IT jobs moving offshore are unlikely to come back.

While I agree with that in some regards, I think it misses the mark. Today’s fundamental shift in IT management is a shift towards automation.  What used to be a hands on and a labor intensive manual process is now automated.  Virtual Machines allow for much easier configuration and migration between faulty hardware.  Companies are getting away from the idea that IT is a black box – now each department has visibility into the IT organization and can understand cost and complexity.

This shift isn’t happening quickly, but it is happening.  Movements like devops and configuration management tools like chef are paving the way towards a new thinking in IT.

CIOs aren’t just interested in lowest cost, they’re also interested in quality of service to their organizations.  Better tools and processes will help with that, not just outsourcing.  The groups that start embracing this new methodology first will be in a better position to compete with those who wait too long to join.

Data Cave uses some of these best practices for its monitoring, deployment, and IT systems.  And of course, none of this matters anyway if your IT infrastructure isn’t housed in a reliable hardened environment, like Data Cave’s data center.  Contact us to learn about what we’ve done and how we can help steer your organization in the right direction.

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