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Our personal lives as well as our workplaces continue to be transformed by the Cloud as it advances into virtually every form of technology that we use everyday. When it comes to using the cloud within our businesses, it is shifting from being an option to more of a necessity for all of us.

But with that being the case, how do businesses actually view the cloud? Do they see it as being just a tool that helps to achieve a very specific goal, or do they see it as a buildable platform that can be developed, honed, and molded to their specific business to help it grow? These are a few of the attitudes and mindsets that the business world has had towards what role the Cloud can play for them, and it was the subject of a webinar I recently attended. Titled “Innovate or Die: Changing your Mindset about Cloud”, the webinar covered several great insights and take-aways that I want to share with you.

Survey findings show the benefits of using the Cloud

Led by a few Cloud specialists at Rackspace, the webinar covered a wide range of  findings that they had observed from a survey taken of hundreds of Cloud users around the country, relating to how they use the Cloud and how it benefits them. There were many results from that survey, but these statistics really stuck out to me above all the others:

  1. 88% of those surveyed said that using Cloud services had saved their companies money.
  2. 56% of the people surveyed said that the Cloud had actually helped them to boost profits for their company.

While one of the typical goals of using Cloud services is to save money (which is clearly happening), the fact that there are many companies out there that are actually seeing profits and growth as a result of using the Cloud is very exciting. I think  this speaks to how beneficial it can be for companies to broaden their mindsets about how they view and use the Cloud, so they can maximize the impact it has on their business.

Narrow vs. Broad Mindsets

The webinar presenters articulated some of the differing mindsets towards the Cloud very well, and for the most part they can be generalized down into these two contrasting viewpoints:

    1. Narrow: Those who view the Cloud primarily as a means to cut costs, be it on IT equipment, resources, etc. While using Cloud services can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line for any business, there are many business owners who tend to put too much focus on this singular benefit, ignoring the greater potential that the Cloud has to offer.
    2. Broad: Those who see the Cloud instead as a series of “building blocks” that can be customized, built, and tailored to their unique business. If you look at the Cloud through this lens, you’ll see it as a tool that can be shaped and molded to your business, rather than the other way around. To borrow a quote from the webinar presenters, try to visualize the Cloud as Lego pieces you can build with!

Business owners and IT Managers who adopt the latter mindset about how they view the Cloud are the same ones who have not only seen cost savings after moving to the Cloud, but actual business growth and increased profits as well. They see the Cloud not just as a simple solution for a very specific need, but rather an actual part of their business as a whole. Here’s a way to look at it and compare the two mindsets: cloud_mindset
Cloud services can have a strong and significant impact on your business, whether it is by cutting costs on your current IT expenses, or by contributing to your business’ growth; the level of impact it can have is ultimately up to you. I hope this post helped to distinguish between the contrasting mindsets that businesses typically have towards the Cloud, as well as the key benefits that each of these mindsets can bring!

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