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If you have spent any decent amount of time on our website, you know that we like to blog a lot, and on a wide range of topics. We are very passionate about data centers and technology, and we enjoy sharing that passion with you through our blog. However, unless you have been visiting our site regularly (which we definitely aren’t against!), it’s possible that you may have missed a post here and there. Top 5 Blog posts of 2013

To help connect you to what you (may have) missed, I have put together a list of our very best blog posts from 2013. Out of all of our blog posts from this year, these encompass the best in terms of the feedback we received from both clients and visitors, the number of times they were read, and how often they were shared with others. If you only read a few of our blog posts from this year, it should be these. Enjoy!

1) Getting to know us-Angie
by Brittany Lutke

This post from March introduced you to Angie May, the owner and CEO of Data Cave. In addition to providing leadership for Data Cave, she is very involved in the Columbus community, and dedicated to her family. In case you missed it earlier this year, check out this post to learn more about Angie!

2) Keeping Documentation Straight – The Why
by Patrick Gill

This past summer we wrote a series of blog posts on the subject of documentation, and the importance of keeping your internal processes documented and accessible across all levels of your organization. The more things you have documented within your organization, the better off you will be when it comes to avoiding repeated mistakes, balancing the workload among employees, and more. The second part of this series delves into some of the specific tools we use at Data Cave to document our processes and make them accessible across our organization (click here to check that out as well!).

3) Ansible Works!
by Jake Champlin

If you are a very technically-minded person, this blog post is for you! In this post we give an overview of Ansible, a server automation and management tool that we use at Data Cave. This very effective tool allows a systems administrator to easily manage any number of servers simultaneously, and has proven quite helpful for managing our internal infrastructure.

4) Thunder and Lightning and Blackouts, Oh My! Summer and Power Outages
by Brittany Lutke Chicago Lightning Strike

This was the first of 2 blog posts that centered around power outages, and what causes them. A long-lasting loss of power can have a very negative impact on a business, so it is important to be knowledgeable about how outages are caused, as well as how frequently they can occur throughout the year. In the second blog post on this topic (click here), we look at several of the worst power outages in history.

5) Data Center Horror Stories
by Ben Hatton

In Halloween we published this blog post, that covers the biggest “horror stories” that a few unfortunate data centers experienced this year. Whether it was from inadequate continuity planning, lack of testing, or equipment failures, these data centers saw levels of downtime that hurt them as well as the people depending on them, and that is definitely scary in our book.

We encourage you to check out these blog posts, as well any other posts from this year that you may have missed. Readers like you are the reason we write these posts, and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them!

Do you have any blog post ideas? We’d love to hear them! If there is anything about the Data Cave team, our facility, or technology in general that you would like to learn more about, just leave a comment below or Contact us, and you  may see it in a future blog post!

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