Kara Manon Data Centers and Hurricanes Don’t Mix

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As we all know, Hurricane Sandy has hit the East coast extremely hard. The hurricane has brought flooding, power outages, and even snow. Millions of people are without power. In the middle of those millions lay several data centers in the midst of flooding. Many seem to be discovering that locating your diesel fuel pump in the basement, in a flood zone, might not be the best idea. Customers are now without their data and experiencing downtime, like Gawker and Gizmodo for instance.

hurricane sandy causes Gawker downtime

Mr. Green makes a good point. With all of these east coast data centers at risk of being hit by a hurricane, do all of their tenants have a backup plan? We truly hope that all customers that are affected by this horrific event have a Disaster Recovery plan in place. No matter where your primary site is, it’s important to have redundancy in case of disaster. Choosing a Midwest and even better, an Indiana data center as a primary or a secondary site, could really benefit companies such as these. Yes, we do have tornadoes, but that’s why our data center is rated for an EF5 tornado. We hope companies are able to rebound from Hurricane Sandy quickly. A storm like this could easily put a small business, out of business. Our thoughts are with those affected.

Here are just a few examples of data centers struggling with Hurricane Sandy:

Massive Flooding Damages Several NYC Data Centers

Fog Creek


Internap again

Uptime Institute – Data Center Preparedness

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