Caleb Tennis DCK Generator Post

December 31, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

We had a nice acknowledgement of our generator installation video this morning on DCK.

Unfortunately, at the same time, our current host decided to do maintenance on the webserver. We currently are using an offsite host for web and email for the domain, due to the fact that the data center is under construction (trust me, we’ll host ourselves internally soon). And I suppose you have to live with the ups and downs of someone else controlling your infrastructure.

This particular host has really given us nothing but grief. The outages are one thing, but the lack of explanation beyond “we’re working on it” and “it’s now up” is very frustrating. I want details. I want to know what’s wrong, what’s being worked on, and what their thoughts are on having it fixed. If you tell me 1 hour, and it takes 2, that’s ok. I just want to know 1hour vs. 24 hours, vs never. When I ask questions, all I ever get back is “no”, with no explanation.

Once you lose a customer, it’s hard to get them back. Any business without a firm grasp on good customer services is just shooting themselves in the foot these days. Trust me when I say that as a company, Data Cave will always put the customer first. We strive for perfection, but at the times we aren’t perfect, at the very least we’ll be transparent about it.

It’s no fun to have an upset customer, but you’ll have an appreciative one if you simply keep them informed.


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