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Understand why you need to take it seriously.

Sooner or later, some aspect of a critical IT system is going to fail.  It may be from component failure, or it may come from an outside source, like a hacker being malicious.  It could even stem from an act of nature, like a fire or flood wiping out the contents of a hard drive.  Or it could simply be internal, where someone accidental deletes a file they didn’t mean to.

Today, just about every business relies on some kind of critical IT system.  For a small company, this may be a server in the closet that files are shared on.  Nonetheless, those files are important to that business, and without them, it could cease to operate completely.

Calculated risk

Not having a strategy and plan in place is a recipe for disaster in itself.  While a business may have an insurance policy that pays for equipment replacement, the value on the data, and time utilized to attempt to restore it, generally go way beyond what any policy would cover.

Teaming with a data center is an important strategy in the ongoing process of disaster recovery.

7 Critical Things

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