Caleb Tennis Electrical Conduit

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The site has been very active lately!

We’ve been working on our electrical services. The electrical service for the building is massive. Like, mondo. Like, so big you can’t even fathom until you see it.

We’re starting in just one section and with one service (actually, two services via two transformers, but that can be routed by the internal switchgear as we want), but ultimately we’ll have four sets of these services.

This requires a lot of piping to get into the building. And it has to go under the foundation.

Where the pipe sticks up in the picture above is inside the building. It then runs out underground to the transformers outside of the building.

First steps, dig a BIG hole:

Also, buy a lot of pipe. I think for this trench work we bought just over 10,000 feet of 4″ PVC (that’s almost two miles). We also have somewhere around 4000 4 foot sweeping elbows. This thing is mammoth.

Now, start putting it all in place.

Each electrical service requires 8 conduits, in groups of four.

Here’s one group of four:

And then the next day we had a few groups of 8s installed

After the pipe is laid, we began to backfill:

From the other angle:

Another angle, showing the massive scope of the project:


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  1. bigD says:

    are you building your own internet to store data on? That just looks like a series of tubes to me!

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