Electrical Switch Gear

April 29, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Last week, we moved the electrical switch gear for the first quadrant of the building into place.

Part 1

Step A – Load each piece of switch gear onto a big fork lift.  Then transport each individual piece to Data Cave.


Step B – Transfer the switch gear to a smaller fork lift that can easily maneuver inside Data Cave’s Shipping/Receiving area.



Step C – Repeat Step 1A and 1B for all five pieces of the switch gear.

Part 2

Step A – Setup forklift to pick up a piece of gear from the top.


Step B – Hoist gear into place.


Ensure all 32 of the 500 MCM copper wires are inside of the switch gear before it reaches it’s final resting place.


Step C – Hoist the second piece of switch gear into place next to the first piece.  Piece two is a bit trickier because bus duct from the first piece of gear must fit inside the second piece of gear.



Step D – Repeat Step C for the remaining 3 pieces of gear.

Here’s the finished product.  When completely setup, this switch gear will provide the first quadrant of the building with up to 4000 amps of power.


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