Floors – Pour 1

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The prep work for the slab continued all last week. In addition, the block crew was onsite to fill the first two courses of block with grout. They also added rebar to the existing rebar to extend the height.

The most exciting part of the week came on Saturday when the first section of the floor was poured.

A pump truck was brought in to get the concrete into the rooms. Here’s a picture of the concrete truck loading concrete into the pump truck.

Here’s the pump truck with it’s arm extended.

Here’s the crew pouring the floor for the first room.

A screed was used to smooth the concrete’s surface.

Here’s the room freshly poured. A bull float was used to put quick finish.

After waiting for the concrete to cure for a bit, diesel ride on power trowels were hoisted on to the cement.

There were two different ride on power trowels. One for a rough finish.

The second produced a much smoother finish.

Below is the first finished maintenance room.

12,500 feet was poured on Saturday. About 30,000 to go over the next 3 days. Stay tuned for more on the floors.

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