Flywheel UPSs

July 21, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

In late June, the UPSs were set into place, wired up, and installed.

In the picture below, Nic is wiring one of the UPSs.


Currently we have two UPSs, each with two flywheels (one primary and one backup).  As we commission additional data suites in the first quadrant of the building, we will add two flywheels to each UPS.

To help with the installation of our UPSs, two installers were sent from the manufacturer.  These gentleman were onsite for four days bringing the UPSs online and testing the units.


At full load, our flywheel UPSs will provide power for at least 15 seconds.  While this is much less time than a battery based UPS system, it still provides an ample amount of time for the generators to start up and begin providing power to critical systems.


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