Indiana Winter

January 12, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Indiana winter’s are typically miserable. Unfortunately for those of us at Data Cave, this winter has been no exception. And unfortunately, that means construction delays.

To keep the weather related delays at a minimum, we’ve encouraged the block crew to find ways to work around the weather. The biggest weather related problem the block crew has to deal with is cold temperatures. The mortar for the block doesn’t set up correctly when the temperature is below approximately 26 degrees. To combat the cold, the block crew has constructed a tent around the scaffolding. When completed, heaters will heat the tent and raise the temperature high enough the mortar can set and thus allowing them to work.

Here’s a picture of the scaffolding before the tent was constructed. As you can see, the block, mortar, and the crew are exposed to the elements.


Now that the tent is constructed the workers can work “inside.”



The tent isn’t completely finished in this shot. However, they do have a heater resting inside ready to go.


Here are a few pictures from inside the tent.



The view from inside the building looking up at the tent.


Finally, a picture of the south end of the tent. The last side will be insulated from the weather, as well.


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