Caleb Tennis Midwest data centers

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Putting your critical IT equipment in a midwest data center is an all around smart value proposition.

The midwest – a great place for a data center

Building a data center is expensive.  Aside from the equipment, there is also land, construction, rent, taxes, connectivity charges, power, and personnel.  All of these come at a cost.

Traditionally, data centers were located in large metropolitan areas, because that’s where the connectivity was.  Large network access points, with attached data centers, popped up in Chicago, Newark, San Francisco, and other major cities, because there was plenty of providers available to make connectivity affordable.

However, building a data center in a big city comes at a cost.  Land and space are at a premium, and go for very high rates.  Personnel costs are more expensive, and power charges are expensive.  These costs are considerable, for major data centers.

In recent years, connectivity into outlying areas, outside of major metro zones, has become much more accessible.  Data centers are more commonly being built where the major expense items, such as power, land, and personnel, are much more affordable.  The midwest provides all of these things.


But more than just cost savings, the benefit of building outside of major metro areas has an added benefit: security.  Less people around mean less worry when it comes to privacy and access.  Threats of terrorism and violence are less likely than they are in major cities.

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