Kara Manon Why a data center must be tornado resistant

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Wind energyLast week seemed like any other. We’ve had an extremely mild winter in the Midwest but no one expected tornado season to start so early and with such force. On February 29th, an EF4 tornado hit Harrisburg, Illinois, killing six and injuring approximately 100. The tornado destroyed roughly 300 homes and 35 businesses. The Wednesday storms traveled across three states, producing 16 tornadoes and leaving 12 people dead. A typical EF4 tornado is 200 yards wide with winds up to 170 mph.

Friday, March 2nd resulted in even more havoc, with tornadoes hitting many parts of the Midwest, including the towns of Henryville, Marysville and Holton, Indiana, all about 30 miles from Data Cave. Again, at least one EF4 tornado was reported to have touched down. Many buildings, including the high school, were completely destroyed.

Faster wind speeds=exponentially higher force

One thing that isn’t necessarily obvious from this type of destruction is that the wind energy from a tornado increases exponentially as the velocity increases. This means the destructive force of a tornado with 175mph winds is not 9 times more powerful than a 20mph “windy day”, but over 80 times more powerful. Pictures of the devastation prove that.

The towns of Henryville, Holton and Marysville will pick up the pieces, and rebuild. But how many businesses will be affected, forever? Even with insurance to pay for the possessions, many companies may never open their doors again.

Why Data Cave is a wind-resistant facility

It’s for this very reason Data Cave’s facility was built to withstand EF5 tornados, with a  207mph+ wind rating. Many businesses trust us with their critical infrastructure, even during the worst types of weather that we see in the Midwest. We take that trust very seriously, and it shows in our data center’s wind-resistant hardened construction.

Now that you’ve read about our facility’s construction, we would encourage you to see it in person. Contact us to schedule a tour today!

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