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Yesterday afternoon and evening was a rocky day for those of us in the midwest as a powerful line of storms rolled through, in multiple waves.

The picture to the right highlights just a small bit of the destruction from the first wave.  This property is due south of Data Cave, and about 200 yards from the building.  You can see the lean of the trees to the left, the one tree in the middle missing a substantial limb.  That limb was torn off, and hit the power line you can see leaning, and eventually went across the street.

What isn’t shown is the house just out of picture on the left, which sustained bad roof damage and major structural damage to a barn next to it.  The picture below is of that house, as taken by our local newspaper.


Home on South Gladstone - as taken by The Republic

May 25th Storm
The storm approaching from the south of Data Cave

These types of events are always scary.  Luckily, we’ve designed our systems to withstand them as best as possible.  In this case, the major concern we were facing was wind.  The lightning was an issue as well, but the wind damage was much more of a factor.

When this type of event occurs, there’s simply nothing you can do to stop it.  Taking cover is your only option.

Our facility is designed to withstand an EF5 tornado.  That’s over 200mph.  If a tornado comes through and hits your data center, and the equipment is blown completely away, what’s your contingency plan?  You don’t want to take those chances, do you?

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