More Footers and More Block

September 13, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Over the course of the past week, the footer on the north interior wall and the exterior west wall were completed. Then the first two courses of block went up.

exterior walls

The east wall has one addition: the dock. The dock required a deeper hole.

east wall, deeper hole

Extra reinforcement is also needed.

reinforcement to the east wall

Here’s the completed dock area footer.

dock area footer

Due to the complexity of the southeast corner, only half of the east wall was completed.

Thursday, the concrete crew got to work on the south wall. The crew works on tying in the extra reinforcement to the south footer.

reinforcement to the south footer

Since rain was in the forecast on Thursday afternoon and Friday, the block crew got to work on the southeast corner Thursday. Here’s the dock area Thursday afternoon.

building southeast corner

While I was out at the site taking pictures Thursday afternoon, it poured. Fortunately, the rain let up enough for the concrete crew to get part of the footer poured late Thursday afternoon.

Friday was another rainy day.

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