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I’ve been working at Data Cave now for about a year. For the majority of that time I’ve been using a Dell laptop. It’s at least a few years old, can’t be sure on an exact age but it’s served me decently well. While I’ve had it, it’s been restored once which I’d say isn’t an uncommon need with most lower end computers. However, I have always felt like it stifled my productivity. Outlook took 10 minutes to open in the morning and I couldn’t have too many programs open at one time or it would get a little finicky and slow.

Back in November I actually got my first smart phone (a little late to the party, I know). After reading an enormous number of reviews, I decided to go with the iPhone 4S. It has been pretty wonderful. After my last phone, which was an LG Shine, I was amazed at how everything worked so well. I am now, of course, addicted to my phone just like most smart phone users. But, we’re a highly connected world so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. After my first real Apple product (except a first generation iPod Shuffle from college), I decided it was time to get in the game and see what the rest of the fuss was about. So two weeks ago, my MacBook Pro was ordered. I was like a kid at Christmas when it arrived the next day. It was so pretty!

Macbook Pro Keyboard

C’est magnifique!

I started using it right away. Got my files transferred over, set it up with Data Cave’s offsite backup program and now I feel 10x more productive than before. Of course, anytime you switch to a new operating system, it’s going to take some time to get accustomed. For example, the “Command” key! Who knew there were so many shortcuts? Not me. Luckily, my desk is right next to my coworker, Patrick, who has been an Apple user for years. Anytime I need to know how to do something with the unfamiliar Mountain Lion OS, I just ask him! I literally haven’t found something he doesn’t know how to do with an Apple computer.

This one switch in how I work from day-to-day has seriously made a world of difference. And, it’s really fun to use! I’m not saying go out and buy the exact same thing but rather, think about how the tools you use are affecting your work. Does your computer or phone slow you down? If so, how much is your time worth? Switching to a computer (not necessarily an Apple) with a faster processor or putting more RAM into your current computer, might just make sense for you.

If you hear an Apple user or proponent tell you that they use Apple products because, “I just like things that work,” they aren’t being snobs, it’s because it’s true.

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