Data Cave Team Structure Changes

Columbus, IN – March 6, 2014

Greg Rhoades

Greg Rhoades, CTO

Caleb Tennis

Caleb Tennis, Senior Technical Advisor

Data Cave is implementing changes to the structure of responsibilities associated with two key personnel in order to better align with the growing support needs of our customers.

Caleb Tennis, who is our founder and has served as CTO, has elected to scale back on his daily business support. This will allow him to pursue new technical interests, while continuing to provide a high level of support and assistance to the Data Cave team, as needed. Caleb’s new role at Data Cave will be Senior Technical Advisor.

Greg Rhoades, who has been serving as our Director of IT and New Business, will be our new CTO going forward. He will be responsible for the technical operations and infrastructure of the Data Cave facility.

These changes are effective March 3, 2014. All of us at Data Cave would like to congratulate both Caleb and Greg on their new positions, and the support they will continue to provide our customers.