Taking Delivery

December 5, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

In the past two weeks, we’ve taken delivery of a number of pieces of critical data center infrastructure.

Here is a picture of the staging area for the majority of this equipment.

All of the wooden crates house pieces and parts for the buildings’ electrical distribution system.

Off in a corner, are 2 300 kVA power distribution units (PDUs). We’ve already done some preliminary testing with the PDUs.

Two 40 ton chilled water air handlers have arrived, as well. We’re currently testing this unit.

Here’s one of the switchboards that will be used for the chilled water system.

This morning, we received 2 600 kVA flywheel UPS system. A flywheel UPS provides the same functionality of a battery backup but it uses a flywheel instead of batteries for power. One UPS consists of 5 sections.

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