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Ahhh, the “Cloud.” Almost everyone is talking about it, but it seems that almost everyone has a different idea of what it is supposed to do, or even what it is. Microsoft, in a series of commercials from 2010, may have done more to confuse people as to what the cloud is rather than help. In one, Microsoft seems to make the claim that editing family photos locally is cloud based. It is obviously not. In another, Microsoft seems to say that connecting to your PC at home and streaming video remotely is the cloud. This is a bit closer (no pun intended), but still not really what the cloud is.

So what do we think the cloud is? We believe the cloud is remote storage for absolutely any bit of information that you want to store. At Data Cave it’s remote storage that will always be available, always be secure, and always be safe. That means we always have power and internet connectivity, always keep data secure with industry standard security practices, and always keep data safe with our astounding structure. As Caleb noted in a previous post, Cisco agrees that Data Cave’s data center is the type of structure and infrastructure that cloud services will need in the future. And guess what; the future may be coming sooner than you think!

Update for 2015: The numbers below have been going up even further since this blog post was written in 2011. As of July 2015, 88% of businesses are utilizing the public cloud, and 63% utilize some form of a private cloud*

Cloud Workload Predicition

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In a Forbes article from earlier this month, contributor Joe McKendrick says that Cisco estimates that more than 50% of all workloads will be processed in the cloud by 2014. Uh..that’s just 2 years from now. If you don’t think that’s significant to the direction of where the industry (and the world) is going, then you should stop using your computer. Right now. There is a nice cabin in the mountain, away from the internets, just waiting for you to sit and quietly whittle away.

Another point to note, with the move to the cloud happening so quickly and so seemingly suddenly, data centers that were built without the cloud in mind will most likely have a hard time catching up to the cost savings and solid infrastructure built into Data Cave.

If you’d like to talk more about what the cloud means to us, or express what the cloud means to you, please do!

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