Kara Manon The Data Cave Advantage Part 2

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No Raised Flooring: Back in the day, data centers began using raised flooring so they could install large cables under the floor to run to equipment. Then, someone thought it was a good idea to use that space to run chilled water and under-floor air distribution for cooling server racks. These  solutions are no longer necessary. We have found that you can get much better cooling without a raised floor. Our data suites feature overhead hot-aisle and cold-aisle containment. Our redundant chilled water pipes run OUTSIDE of the rooms containing customer equipment. There is no need for water piping to be in the same room as equipment in the first place. Cables are small and can be installed in overhead racks above the customer cabinets and around the data center. By doing away with raised floors, we achieve the cooling capacity we need, the facility stays a lot cleaner and we don’t have to worry about possible issues with water piping sharing space with customer equipment. Data center owners with raised floors also have to worry about buckling when tiles are removed. It also reduces a data center’s seismic rating and could have catastrophic affects if an earthquake occurred.

Redundancy: We really do have two of every piece of critical equipment. Two utility lines, generators, cooling towers, water pumps, chillers, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, chilled water pipes, etc. We have two Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) units per suite. Our data center is split into four quadrants, each of which runs independently of the other. That’s like four independent data centers within one building. Even our bathrooms are redundant.

Uptime: Data Cave has experienced 100% uptime since we opened. Don’t get us wrong, we have lost utility power but because we are constantly monitoring and testing critical (top of the line) equipment and maintain a high level of redundancy, the switch to generator power, when necessary, is seamless. Our UPS flywheels run more than long enough for our 2MW generators to start which takes about eight seconds.

Staff: We have an amazingly knowledgeable staff that includes programmers, technicians, electricians, plumbers, engineers, etc., who are able to handle facility issues without reliance on outside contractors. This is an important point because a lot of data centers don’t have this technical base to pull from when an issue arises. We don’t have to wait for a contractor to arrive, we can start working on a problem as soon as it happens. Most of our staff have been here since the planning stages of Data Cave. Working at Data Cave isn’t just a job. A lot of what we do in our jobs, we do as hobbies too. We love what we do and it shows.

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