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The Relationship Between Technology and Security

We’ve talked a bit about CES. Now that we are a few weeks beyond, we can look back more objectively. What are the big trends that are truly emerging? In the hubbub of the event, new features and products capture our attention, but we wanted to look at what major shifts in the industry these products indicated.

It is not the least bit surprising that increased security emerged as a trend. With advances in technology and increased information availability comes concerns regarding data security. New technology exhibited and demonstrated at CES and throughout 2013 shift toward security awareness and complete integration with software and hardware improvements.

For example, Griffin Technology revealed Kiosk Retail, which is a “new iPad case designed to turn the familiar tablet into a fully-fledged POS kiosk, complete with a built-in encrypted magnetic card reader.” It can also be tied into a cash desk and into software from ShopKeep.com, which handles business transactions and keeps track of inventory.

Similarly, iTwin Connect builds on existing iTwin hardware-encrypted file sharing tools, where you “take a pair of iTwin USB sticks and leave one in your PC at home or in the office, carrying the other with you for secure file sharing.” No data is stored on the second key—it only sets up a secure connection so that you can access files on your computer. The iTwin connect “takes the concept several steps further, adding support for remote control, for VPN connections to a corporate network and for access to public internet connections via an iTwin-hosted VPN.”

“The result is an intriguing response to many of the issues thrown up by BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). There’s minimal corporate management required, but the increased security makes it easier to justify giving employees access to files and applications from home PCs or while on the road.”

Ultimately, the security trend demonstrates a shared feeling of responsibility throughout the technology community. They say, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” It is reassuring to see technology security evolving to stay on track with emerging technologies. As engineers and developers create more, you can expect to see security considerations. And doesn’t that give you peace of mind?

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