Caleb Tennis Vyatta 6.1, we love it.

September 1, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Recently, Vyatta announced a 6.1 release of their router software platform.  At the Cave, we absolutely love Vyatta and the software.

We’ve been using Linux for routing, firewalling, and internal services like NAT, VPN, etc now for years.  Vyatta has wrapped his up in a self contained system that provides a nicer frontend for configuring and mananging all of this.  You can download Vyatta and install it yourself, including the option to buy a commercial version with more features and support, or you can buy pre built appliances from Vyatta as well if you don’t want the hassle.

Vyatta Router

Regardless of which way you choose, the overwhelming feature that makes Vyatta nice is that pound for pound it’s much cheaper than Cisco or the other alternatives.  And while we have plenty of Cisco gear, and in certain cases it makes sense to go with one of the bigger vendors, for smaller routing projects where you aren’t using a lot of the features Vyatta makes much more sense.  That’s where we use it, and we can pass on that savings to our customers as a result.  More importantly, we usually can buy more than 1 of the units to either run in active/passive mode or to keep a spare on the shelf for failure – for less than what we’d pay for a more name brand router.

I’m excited about the 6.1 release as it provides support for more IPV6, which is a must anymore, as well as some layer 2 bridging which is probably a result of the need for spanning multiple racks at a layer 2 level for cloud related projects.

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