Caleb Tennis When the fire suppression goes off.

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Fire suppressionEarlier this week twitter friend Jeremy Gaddis of experienced a fire suppression system discharge in his data center. His pictures show just what kind of damage can result from such a discharge.

Luckily it looks like it was a false alarm, though the refilling of the cylinders will be an expensive undertaking.  At least it was a gaseous discharge and not a dry pipe system, which would have flooded the room with water.

The sheer power of the discharge is evidenced by his pictures.  When the nozzle releases, the gas floods the room very quickly.

If someone was in the room at the time, they would have to evacuate quickly.  Likely a number of audible pre-alarm systems were in place to notify anybody in the room to get out now.

Any number of things could have set off the system, trace amounts of smoke, a small electrical spark within a system, or even static electrical buildup on the relay that actives the discharge.  An investigation will likely determine the cause.

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