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Demo cabinet

Our new demo cabinet shows off many customization options, and brightens up the room!

If you’ve been to Data Cave lately, you probably noticed our new demo cabinet up in our front lobby. In addition to displaying many of the configuration options clients can choose when they colocate their servers with us, this also shows off the new white color option that clients can choose for their cabinets. Traditional cabinets have always been black, but there have been some cited benefits of switching to lighter colored cabinets, and it has been on the rise throughout the data center industry. These are real, tangible benefits that data center managers and tenants can see, outside of just the physical appearance. 

Here are what these benefits look like:

  1. Improved visibility: Like a snowy field in the middle of winter, a data center with light-colored cabinets provides much better visibility and lighting than a data center with all black cabinets. The more white cabinets a data center has, the lower its lighting requirements will be.
  2. Energy savings: Having less overall lighting in a data center also brings with it some savings on power usage. Sure, it may not be a tremendous amount when you compare it to how much power goes into data center cooling, but when your lighting can be reduced by up to 30%* as a result of using white cabinets, you’re sure to see a difference in how much power goes into lighting your data center, and for any data center, that’s a big deal.
  3. Better cleanliness: White cabinets also make the appearance of any dust buildup much more visible, making it considerably easier to keep the data center space clean and dust-free.

Come see it for yourself

We invite you to come and check out our new demo cabinet for yourself, and see the options that are available to both new and existing colocation clients. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of white cabinets, we’d love to have a chat about that as well. Contact us today!

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