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When an organization is evaluating colocation and disaster recovery services offered by a data center, one of the key things that they most often consider is the location of that data center. Just like real estate, the location of a data center is everything. After all, if a severe storm hits your town and puts your business at risk, would you want your data center provider right across the street, or would you want it located further away and out of reach of the storm? Further away and out of reach is definitely the way to go; the most often recommended distance for your disaster recovery location is at least 50 miles from your business location.

So what does this mean if you are a business in Evansville?

Thanks to its location, Evansville has seen a surge of growth in the healthcare and finance industries over the last several years. While a disaster recovery plan would be a good move for any industry, it is especially important in industries such as healthcare and finance, due to the high sensitivity of the data being worked with, as well as federal regulations that are in place for these sectors (for more details on these regulations, check out our whitepapers on HIPAA and Financial Services Regulations).

In addition to the need for Evansville’s primary industries to have a data center provider that they can rely on, Evansville also has a unique geographic situation. Being located in southwestern Indiana, Evansville is geographically separated from many larger cities; this likely contributes to the fact that there are very few data centers located around Evansville, apart from a few within the city itself. However, using a data center located directly in Evansville doesn’t really meet the “further away and out of reach” goal I mentioned earlier, since you want the data center to be further away geographically from your location.

Why colocate with Data Cave then?

Indiana state map

Data Cave is in an ideal location to provide disaster recovery to Evansville!

The Data Cave facility is located in Columbus, Indiana, which is roughly 187 miles away from Evansville (it comes in at just under a 3-hour drive). For Evansville businesses who choose Data Cave, this provides more than enough distance for effective disaster recovery, and at the same time is still within driving distance. It’s even in the same state too!

With Data Cave, organizations in Evansville can be confident in knowing that:

  1. Their IT equipment is housed in a world-class facility that ensures maximum security and 100% uptime.
  2. The data center is “further away and out of reach”, located far enough away from Evansville for disaster recovery, but still within a reasonable driving distance.
  3. They are working with an Indiana data center that has a proven track record in disaster recovery and colocation.

In addition, Data Cave recently added fiber connectivity from Windstream CommunicationsWindstream, one of the largest internet providers in Evansville, to its facility. What this means for Evansville businesses who utilize Windstream for connectivity is a smooth transition to the Data Cave data center, since you won’t need to go through the process of changing connectivity providers.

But don’t take our word for it.

Data Cave recently formed a partnership with Traylor Bros. Inc. of Evansville, as their data center provider. Here are a few things that they had to say about working with us:

“We looked into a few data centers in Louisville and Indianapolis, but Data Cave was by far the best choice, in terms of its location, cost, and above all, its level of customer service. These factors made Data Cave the best overall value for our company.

In addition to their technical knowledge,  they have been the most open and honest data center I have worked with, and they haven’t hesitated to provide after hours support to us anytime we may need it. They really do go above and beyond what I would have expected from a data center provider. And to make it even better, since colocating with Data Cave we have had no connectivity issues or downtime whatsoever with our equipment, which is simply unheard of in most other data centers.”

-Chad Lamb, Network Administrator at Traylor Bros. Inc.

Below are a few additional resources that should help with your decision process in choosing a data center:

We encourage you to check out these additional resources we have prepared, and if you have any questions or wish to begin your disaster recovery conversation, Contact us today!

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