Caleb Tennis Why midwest colocation?

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To many in the data center industry, the thought of data centers invokes large buildings with shared space in “common” large cities: 350 Cermak in Chicago, 60 Hudson St in New York. These cities represent major connectivity hubs and data centers have sprung up to take advantage of this connectivity.

But these major city data centers also present a number of challenges: floor space is expensive, power is scarce, and these sites are more vulnerable to security threats.

Thanks to large amounts of overbuilt fiber from the early 2000s, connectivity is no longer a concern outside of large metropolitan areas.  Because of this, the midwest represents a fantastic place to house data center equipment.

Consider these factors:

  • Real estate is significantly less expensive in the midwest.  In addition, the labor force salary expectations are lower due to a lower cost of living.
  • Electrical power is much less expensive in the midwest.  The DOE makes electrical rate data available by state.  The industrial rate for Indiana in 2010 is 5.74 cents per kWh.  Only a handful of states can beat that, and even then by just a few percent.
  • The median center of the US is located right in Indiana.  Strategically locating your critical operations in a central spot to your US customer base is a good business decision.  This is why Indianapolis is a logistics hub for so many companies.

Data Cave’s “in the cornfield” midwest Indiana data center location simply cannot be beat from a security and reliability standpoint.  The data center building is not shared with other tenants and is located on fenced, gated private property.  Why put your critical infrastructure in a building in the middle of an office complex when you can have it housed in a remote, private setting away from the unreliable human element threat?  Contact us today to learn more.

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