Kara Manon 4 Benefits of Colocation You Probably Didn’t Consider

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When we think of colocation there are some common benefits that quickly come to mind like uptime and reliability, things you immediately expect from an outsourced colocation provider. There is also the ringing sound of redundancy which is also to be expected. There are, however, some additional benefits of colocating your servers and IT equipment that you may not have thought of. Here are four benefits of colocation we think you should also keep in mind.


Colocating in a secure location is important especially for organizations regulated by compliance. Every data center does not employ the same security structure, so this is an area where you want to pay very close attention. Security becomes an added benefit when the center utilizes high-level onsite security like biometric security measures.

Workstations & Office Space

Choosing to outsource your colocation needs can open the door for additional services for your company. At Data Cave, our list of services includes business continuity which means your team has the luxury of continuing to work during a disaster or an interruption at your primary office. You can choose what kind of customized set up you’d like at the workstations for a seamless transition for your staff and business.

Onsite Remote Hands

When you are working with technology, challenges are always likely to arise at some point. Many data centers also offer managed services which gives you access to remote support for many of your IT issues. That means less downtime for your critical systems and continued operations for your customers.

Technical Support

Having the support you need when you need it can make all the difference in your operations. A colocation provider who offers technical support 24/7 means you have experienced and trained professionals at your fingertips who can answer questions and solve problems as they arise. Some, like Data Cave, may also be able to assist outside of typical data center issues such as evaluating your current in-house data center and handling all of your connectivity needs.

Colocation has many benefits to a business, and some providers offer additional perks you may not find at all data centers. When you are choosing a colocation provider, be sure to go beyond the basics and ask about additional features that benefit your business.

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