Caleb Tennis A day in the life of a DC manager, part 3

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In the first part of this series we took a look at the HVAC and chilling systems, and in the second part we looked at the incoming electrical systems.  In this third and final part, we’ll look at all of the other things that go on that we observe daily.

Network Access

Of course network access is a critical part of our infrastructure.  Each customer within Data Cave has differing needs for connectivity – some need internet, some need redundant internet. Some customers have private point-to-point connections across either lit or dark fiber.  We provide access to what the customer needs, and monitor everything along the way 24/7.

Perimeter Security

One important part of Data Cave is the fence and gate system that keep us isolated from foot and car traffic.  Every day we spot check the fence and gate and ensure no breaches have occurred. In addition, we use a number of video cameras around the outside of the building to spot motion and indicate where areas might be of concern.

Our fence also has a major grounding system in it to help mitigate lightning strikes, and as part of the daily check we’ll inspect this grounding system to make sure its still in place and no lines have been cut.

Door Access System

Data Cave has over 80 doors in the building.  Access into different parts of the facility is controlled by a door access system, granting both entry and exit to authorized personnel.  Also integral in this is a biometric hand scanning system, to doubly ensure the correct person is entering the critical areas.  One benefit of this system is that we can know who is in the building, and in which places, at all times.  This system is monitored by our NOC 24/7.


We are always keeping our eye on the weather.  If a storm system is moving in, we’ll stay vigilant at the notion of a potential power outage until everything passes.  Besides monitoring radar and satellite images, we also have an emergency weather radio in our NOC to receive updates.

What this 3 part series highlights is simply this: we are working hard every day to ensure the best protection for your IT equipment. Contact us today to see just how our impressive infrastructure can work for you.

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