Compliance and Certifications

Data Cave is compliant with today’s data center standards and regulations, and we can help your organization meet your own compliance needs as well, as they relate to uptime and equipment security.

Click below to learn more about each of our key compliance standards:

Tier IV

Data Cave has been designed to fully meet Tier IV data center standards, meaning that we have the infrastructure in place to ensure a maximum level of system uptime (99.995%). This is made possible due to the multiple levels of redundancy that are built into every critical system of our facility.

Learn more about the 4 data center tier rankings, as well as what goes in to a Tier IV ranking, in our Data Center Tiers Explained blog post.


Data Cave is audited each year for its SSAE-16 certification. This certification provides an overall assessment of a data center’s ability to provide high levels of security and availability for the organizations that rely on it. We maintain documentation on our annual audits, and can provide them upon request.

For more information on the SSAE-16 standard, check out our Why you can trust a SSAE-16 certified data center blog post.


Healthcare entities are required to meet a wide range of regulations in order to maintain  HIPAA and/or HITECH compliance,  and by extension any service providers or data centers they partner with are required to as well. Data Cave has put extensive planning and measures into place in its infrastructure, to ensure that organizations who colocate with us can remain compliant with these regulations.

We have published a whitepaper titled Solving the Mystery of HIPAA and HITECH, which delves further into what some of the specific regulations look like, and how a compliant data center can help you meet them.

To learn more about these compliance standards, and how Data Cave meets them, contact us today!