Patrick Gill CES Product Round-Up

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The world’s largest tradeshow, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), kicked off 2013 with a bang by unveiling numerous interesting (and nerdy) technology products. Some technology, such as TV, grew, while others, such as tablets and laptops, shrank. Here are some of our favorite developments. CES typically demonstrates advances in hardware, but 2013 indicates a shift away from hardware and toward total integration with improved software.

More Bendable Glass

Corning unveiled bendable glass, which may be available on smart phones and tablets as early as 2014. This is very exciting news for anyone who has ever dropped a device and shattered the screen. While the glass still has the potential to break if bent too deeply, it is certainly a great step into more functional and durable devices, which could lower business costs when the company has to replace an item due to a damaged screen.

The Largest USB Drive

Likewise, Kingston has developed what is “officially the largest USB drive available on the market,” according to Midweek. The one Terabyte version of the DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 USB Flash Drive will be released in early 2013; however, the 512 GB version is already available and is priced at $1,750. While this and the Terabyte capacity (price is yet to be determined) could be considered costly solutions to data storage and protection, consider the fact that you can back up your entire computer with a tiny thumb drive. Since the device is so small it will also give greater mobility to big data and increase data storage options and flexibility.

Deca-Dock: Multi-dock Charging Station

Griffin Technology introduced a multi-dock charging station that can charge and synchronize 10 iPads at once. It also features a lockable security bar to reduce the risk of theft. This station will help simplify the management of devices, such as iPads, which are becoming very common for corporate use.

Hardware’s Bottom Line: New hardware advances are simplifying daily business activities and making data and the hardware itself more durable and secure.

“CES has traditionally been all about hardware, with a particular emphasis on television,” said Chia Chen, SVP, Mobile Lead, Digitas North America. “But this year the ecosystem of software, apps, and content became a crucial part of the show.”

Connectivity and Apps and Content, Oh My!

The Herald Online stated that “with the exception of TVs, the most buzzed about capabilities focused on the connectivity, apps, and content related to [cell phones, tablets and laptops], beating out other features such as size, display, network, and processors/speed.” This suggests that the consumer is becoming more aware of how devices work and the many more technical aspects that allows devices to operate at their maximum potential.

Siri Meets Her Match: More Voice

Forbes contributor Raj Sabhlok is looking forward to voice integration software becoming mainstream in the business world. “With voice integration and voice-to-text functionality, the technology holds promise for productivity boosts in areas like sales, support and many administrative functions. Customer service reps can process orders or solve support problems by simply communicating by voice. Think of an enhanced Siri for business, where answering the phone, dictating a letter or creating complicated spreadsheets will be done solely by voice commands.”

Driving Technology

Likewise, auto technology is also on the rise and expands upon the display screen and GPS systems that are available in many cars today. To come is an increased level of voice activation and integration with your smart phone. “The use cases go way beyond just telling you how long it will get from point A to B,” Krish Sailam of said. “They will include much more predictive tech, e.g. – you are stuck in traffic, the car will message your office you are 10 minutes late, and re-route your desk calls to your car. It may also pick a calming sound track for your hectic morning commute. It can also route you to the florist for your anniversary based on your calendar reminder.”

Software’s Bottom Line: Voice integration will streamline business activity and increase corporate productivity.

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