Concrete, Framing, Grout, Block, and a Roof

March 26, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Even though I haven’t posted in over a week, there’s been quite a bit of activity at the site.

A concrete crew has been onsite to pour the remainder of the pad behind the building.


Today, the concrete crew is pouring the area around the loading dock.


The framing for the first floor office area has begun.


The block crew finished all of the walls between the data suites.  A couple of members of the crew have been grouting these walls today.


The remainder of the block crew have started laying block that will create the west maintenance hallway.


Last Friday, the steel crew finished installing the steel pan above the second floor office area.


Today, I ventured out on the roof for the first time.


Jeremy and Nic are doing some prep work for the roofing crew.



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  1. This is a huge project you’re in. Doing a great job!

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