Kara Manon Customize Your Data Center Space

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How many data centers allow you to customize your space? All the way down to the layout of the duct work? At Data Cave, you aren’t just renting space from another giant data center. By breaking down our 86,000 square foot space into 1,300 square foot suites, we are able to provide a high level of security and customization. In data centers with one big room, other data center customers and vendors will always be around your equipment. In that situation, the equipment maintaining the space may also be accessible, leaving the possibility of accidental damage or even tampering.

Let me give you an example. You have 50 racks of equipment and you are looking for a data center. You can rent an entire suite at Data Cave which allows you and your staff to be the only ones with access to that room (except our staff, or course). Not only that, but you can decide the layout of the racks and duct work. You can also choose which CRAC units and PDUs you would like. While our facility is 2N redundant, meaning there is two of everything (and I do mean everything), you can even choose the level of redundancy you desire. We are so flexible that Olympic gymnasts are jealous.

The other design feature of note is that the equipment that maintains your space (CRAC units, PDUs, generators, chillers, etc) are all outside of the areas that customers and vendors are able to access. No one could be within an arms reach of this equipment without being escorted by Data Cave personnel.

Every door within Data Cave has a key card scanner (with exception of the bathrooms and offices). The hallway accessing the customer suites also has a biometric hand scanner. The hand scan and key card must match in order to gain entry. We are serious about security and monitor anyone coming and going from the building.

Data Cave was designed and purposefully built as a data center. While deciding on a layout, our CEO, Angie and President, Caleb went on a number of data center tours and did a great deal of research. What they found was that having individual customer areas (or suites) made the most sense. A smaller space means heating and cooling is easier to monitor and control, the area is highly secure and customers still have the ability to only pay for what they use.

It’s always better to see it for yourself. Contact us or call 866-514-2283 for a tour.

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