Ben Hatton Data Cave Installs first Registered Electric Car Charger in Columbus

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Electric car charger

Our new electric car charger.

All of us at Data Cave are very excited to have recently installed the first registered electric car charger in Bartholomew County (registered with the U.S. Department of Energy). Being installed directly into our facility, this charger is available for use by employees and clients at Data Cave. Because of the lack of electric car chargers in our area, as well as our desire to be environmentally friendly, we are very proud to be able to offer this new option for any electric vehicle that comes to our data center.

As a data center, we are part of an industry that consumes a LOT of energy (roughly 1.5% of all energy consumption across the country and growing, according to EPA estimates *). Because of this, we are continually looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and consider the environmental impact of everything that we do at our facility. This same level of caring is also shared by our employees, one of whom owns an electric vehicle (a Chevy Volt, to be exact).

Car charger in action

The car charger in action.

Our CTO Greg Rhoades is an Indianapolis resident, and he commutes regularly to the Data Cave facility in Columbus (approximately 45 miles each way). With this longer commute, he wanted a vehicle that would not only save him money on gasoline, but would also be more environmentally friendly than a traditional vehicle. With his new Volt, he is seeing both of those benefits.

While the new electric vehicle has its advantages, the primary disadvantage is that the Columbus area currently lacks any public charging stations for charging the vehicle. We definitely didn’t want Greg to be limited on where he could charge up his car, so the decision to install a new car charger became an easy one for us. We see this as a great situation that helps everyone:

Greg: Now Greg doesn’t have to worry about finding a charging station in Columbus, because we have him covered!

Our clients: Any of our current clients, as well as visitors to our data center, are welcome to use the charger for their vehicles, anytime they are at our data center.

The environment: This kind of goes without saying, but electric cars are great for the environment, and we are happy to support them!

We also take some pride in having the first registered charging station in Bartholomew County, but at the end of the day we are just happy to do something like this to give back to our employees, our clients, and to the environment! It may be a relatively small gesture, but we expect it to have a big impact!

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