data cave data center facilityData Cave is an 86,000 square foot Indiana data center constructed to protect your data from the elements. The building sits on a privately owned technology park in a secluded area for added security.  Our Columbus, Indiana location is convenient to Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Evansville.

Data Cave is a purpose built data center, meaning that every aspect of the facility was designed from scratch to be a fully redundant, highly secure and available data center. We didn’t try to retrofit an existing building and because we own our own building, we don’t have to worry about a landlord raising prices like many other data centers do. We are able to keep our overhead low and pass the savings along to customers.

Our facility has been designed to meet Tier IV data center specifications, due to our advanced infrastructure, security measures, and guaranteed uptime levels. For more information on what goes into a Tier IV ranking, check out this blog post on the subject.

Data Center OverviewHardened Construction

One key aspect in Data Cave’s building design was hardening against mother nature. To this regard, Data Cave excels far beyond many other data centers.

  • The construction of the building was done with oversized concrete block and nearly 1″ diameter rebar, allowing the facility to withstand the hit of an EF-5 tornado or 200+ mph winds.
  • The facility is located outside of any seismic zones, and deep soil samples were taken to determine seismic classifications.
  • The building is located outside of any flood plain. Furthermore, a moat was constructed around the building to divert any water should flooding occur.

Physical Security

The non-descript building sits on a privately owned technology park, secluded from access traffic. Access to the building is tightly controlled with multiple levels of protection, including:

  • Security fencing, with barbed wire.
  • A single monitored, gated customer access area.
  • Keycard controlled customer access
  • Biometric scanning system for access into the data center portion of the building
  • Video surveillance throughout the entire property

Continue reading about our data suite design and the added privacy and security benefits to customers.

Interested in seeing the facility in person? Contact us to schedule a tour! We are very proud of our data center, and we would love to give you a tour of the building itself, as well as our data suites.