Cooling Infrastructure

Redundant Cooling Towers

Redundant cooling towers provide heat rejection from critical IT loads.

The cooling systems design at Data Cave is highly efficient, and maximally redundant.  A number of inter-working systems provide constant heat rejection from the data suites to the outside atmosphere.

Liebert Chilled Water CRACs

Each data suite has dedicated redundant Liebert chilled water CRAC units supplying a constant supply of humidity and temperature controlled air.  The units communicate with each other to ensure an optimal operating environment.

Chilled Water Loops

All Liebert units are fed from a pair of redundant chilled water pipe loops, with valving in place to allow redirection of water flow and distribution at any time.

Having a redundant set of pipe loops allows for system fail-over should any aspect of the piping system develop a leak.

Chilled Water System

Internal redundant chilled water systems provide ample cooling around the facility.

Chilled Water Creation

Each quadrant of the facility is serviced by a highly efficient pair of redundant Trane water cooled chillers, including redundant pumping systems.  These computer controlled units operate at high efficiency and offer substantial chilling capacities for the critical IT loads.

7 Critical Things

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