Data Suites

Data Cave’s data center area consists of 28 private data suites, each having:

Data Cave’s customer hall provides biometrical-secure access to the customer data suites.

Each data suite holds between 40 to 50 cabinets, and can be designed and partitioned to each customer’s needs.  Some customers may utilize the entire suite space, while others may share space in a multi-tenant fashion.

Furthermore, all supporting equipment for the data suite is located in a separate maintenance hallway, accessible only to Data Cave staff.  This means access to critical infrastructure is tightly controlled, and also means that personnel are not entering the data suites more often than necessary.

Fire Suppression

Each suite has its own dedicated gaseous based fire suppression system.  By utilizing a gaseous based system, Data Cave keeps overhead water based sprinkler lines out of the data center area.

Continue on for information on Data Cave’s connectivity options.

Interested in seeing our data suites in person? Contact us to schedule a tour! We would love to give you a tour of the data suites, as well as show you our various security and construction measures we have in place at our facility.

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