Electrical Infrastructure

Large Electrical Infrastructure

The electrical infrastructure of Data Cave was purposely designed for maximum electrical availability.

The Data Cave facility was designed for 10 Megawatts of incoming redundant utility power (20 total MW available non-redundant).

Quadrant Design

Each quadrant of the facility is serviced by completely independent equipment, including:

  • Two 2.5MVA electrical transformers, from separate utility feeds
  • Two 2MW Cummins diesel powered generators
  • Electrical switchgear to control and balance the power, including transient surge suppression.

UPS Power

Each quadrant’s critical IT load is backed up by 2 ActivePower flywheel UPS systems, providing:

  • Isolation from the incoming power grid
  • Very clean sinusoidal output, protecting against spikes and surges in the incoming powerDetailed Electrical Schematic
  • Ride-through time of 30+ seconds in case of a power outage.

Data Suite PDUs

Each data suite has two dedicated, redundant PDUs fed from the UPS systems, each providing another level of transient voltage surge suppression to the critical IT loads.

Metered Power

Data Cave is able to offer power metering to customers, meaning that you only pay for the power you consume, and not a flat monthly circuit fee.  This can offer substantial savings to a customer, when coupled with the low power rates of the midwest.

You can read more about metered power and its benefits here.

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