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Yesterday marked the official beginning of Fire Prevention Week, an annual initiative that aims to raise awareness of the dangers posed by fires, and to remind both businesses and homeowners to ensure that they have a plan in place should a fire occur. Here are a few alarming statistics about the physical and economic damages that have been caused by fires in the U.S. (based on 2011 numbers):Fire Prevention Week

  • Total of 484,500 structure fires
  • 2,640 civilian deaths, and 15,635 injuries
  • Direct property damage of $9.1 billion

(Stats courtesy of the National Fire Protection Association)

The economic loss that businesses can suffer after a fire were seen very clearly just last month, when a fire wreaked havoc on the boardwalk in New Jersey that had just recovered from Hurricane Sandy. Many long-standing businesses were completely destroyed, with either a slim or no chance of re-opening. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, 1 out of 4 businesses that close after a major disaster like this will  never reopen.

If you are a business owner, I would recommend letting this week serve as a good reminder to begin taking measures to protect your business’ two most important assets:

1) Your people

Where your people are concerned, this boils down to having a plan in place for preventing fires from happening in the first place, and for keeping your employees safe and sound in the event that one does. The official Fire Prevention Week website has several useful resources that can help to get you started.

2) Your data

While you may not be able to protect your data and IT equipment from being destroyed by a fire, you can take measures to regularly backup your business data to ensure that it will not be lost permanently, or you can consider a business continuity plan that will ensure your employees can continue working, even if your business is hit by a fire.

Fires always have and always will be a risk to every business owner and homeowner, and just like all other types of disasters, preparation is key.  There is never a better time than today to begin disaster recovery planning for your business. For more information about how Data Cave can help, check out the below links:

Offsite Backup Solutions and Services
Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery Services and Planning


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