Fire Suppression

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Fire suppression systems have been installed in a handful of data suites.

There will be one dedicated fire suppression system for each data suite.  Each system consists of the following:

  • one canister of HFC-125,


  • control panel/monitoring system,


  • overhead piping,


  • smoke detectors,


  • and both audible and visual alarms.

When a fire is detected, the canister releases the contents, HFC-125, as a gas.  The HFC-125 suppresses the fire in two different manners.  First, it absorbs the heat energy faster than the heat can be generated, therefore, a fire cannot sustain itself.  Additionally, it interferes with the combustion process on a chemical level which prevents the fire from spreading.  HFC-125 is a highly effective fire suppression agent.  It causes no damage and it will cause no physical harm to humans.

Each HFC-125 canister will be stored outside of it’s respective data suite.  By positioning the canister outside the data suite, we maximize the area for computer equipment inside the data suite.  Additionally, direct access to the canister is restricted to Data Cave employees and service technicians.  It also keeps service technicians out of the data suites and away from important technology equipment.

As with most equipment at Data Cave, routine maintenance will be performed on all fire suppression systems.  The vendor performs routine maintenance once a year.  However, Data Cave employees will check each system on a monthly basis.

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