Ben Hatton First look at Data Cave’s updated Business Continuity space

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The team at Data Cave has been very busy over the past several weeks, enhancing and building on to the Business Continuity space on our second floor. Things are just about wrapped up now, so here is a first look into what we’ve been working on!

More Cubicle Workspace

The most noticeable addition to our upstairs area is that we now have much more cubicle space than before. Specifically, we now have a total of 75 permanent seats, with room for an additional 165 seats. This increased capacity will allow us to meet the Business Continuity needs for businesses of any size.


Cubicle parts photo

Much of the cubicle workspace equipment, prior to being put together.

New upstairs wiring

A small glimpse at the extensive overhead wiring work for our Business Continuity space.

Floor opening for elevator

This is the opening for our new chair lift, prior to it being installed.

Cubicle construction photo

An up close look at the new cubicle space during construction.

Another cubicle construction photo

A wider look at the Business Continuity space (during construction).

Yet another cubicle construction photo

Another angle of the new Business Continuity space. Things are definitely coming together!


Elevator Installation

Another new addition to the facility that you will notice is a new elevator that we recently had installed in our front lobby. This will ensure that our Business Continuity space, as well as our upstairs data suites, are fully accessible for our clients and staff.


Elevator entrance on first floor

The elevator entrance on the building’s first floor.

Elevator entrance on first floor (full view)

A more full view of the first floor entrance to the elevator.

Elevator exit on second floor

Here is where you will come out on the building’s second floor.

Elevator exit on second floor (up close)

And here is a more up close look at the elevator itself.


Many more details and photos of our updated Business Continuity space are coming soon, so stay tuned!


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