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When driving through the gates to arrive at Data Cave, you can be sure you’ll encounter Patrick Gill, our Network Structure Manager. On any given day, you might find Patrick creating the network structure, facilitating fiber and copper termination, assisting customers during their move in, or providing customer support. His cheery demeanor and eccentric personality brings light to the Cave.

Patrick became acquainted with Data Cave in a roundabout fashion. Caleb Tennis, Data Cave President, taught college classes in the early 2000’s. During his time as a professor, he had the opportunity to teach Patrick in a Linux class. The course required its students to take a Linux+ certification test, and Patrick was the only student to pass the test. Caleb took note, and several years later, the two reconnected, and Patrick began his work at Data Cave. When asked about his favorite part of Data Cave, he mentions the people, particularly Caleb. He believes their expertise and experience brings all at Data Cave to a higher level and admires their knowledge and work.

A rare exception to the IT stereotype, Patrick combines his technological expertise with a keen business sense and can be classified as a lifelong learner. Constantly seeking answers to questions, he has developed a strong understanding of a variety of topics. From network engineering to web design to home improvement to guitar, you can bet that he will fully immerse himself in whatever piques his interest.

One of Patrick’s favorite interests is Apple. Years before Apple and Mac products were cool and mainstream (or hipster-esque), Patrick appreciated Apple’s intuitive design process and fell in love with its easy-to-use products. He almost purchased a MacIntosh in 1995, when Apple was a struggling company. In the mid-2000’s, he reconnected with Apple, and its philosophy resonated with him. He didn’t want (or need) a mass-market product but he rather enjoyed their approach, which mandated excellent product creation regardless of its sales capability. He loves Apples products and claims that they consider everything when creating a product or service. (And no, he is not being paid to endorse their products.)

In fact, he brings his love of Apple to Data Cave on a daily basis. He has written several blogs, pertaining to or mentioning Apple, like Mobile Email and iPhoto and iCloud Backup. Additionally, he tries his best to emulate its innovative leader, Steve Jobs.

We are grateful to have Patrick on our team! He furthers our mission to protect our customer’s data. While we are proud of our facility, it is people like Patrick (and Caleb, Brittany, Nic) who truly differentiate Data Cave from other data centers.

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