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Server Cabinets

The data center industry is shifting towards taller cabinets that can handle high density workloads.
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If you saw our July Data Cave newsletter, you may have seen a link to this recent article from Data Center Dynamics, titled Taller and Cheaper-The Future for Data Centers (if you don’t get our newsletter, then sign up!). This article touches on a growing trend that we have been tuned into as well, that data center cabinets have been getting taller over the past several years, in order to allow for higher density computing than ever before. The unofficial “standard” for data center cabinets has traditionally been 42U (just over 6′ tall), but that number has been steadily going up in recent years.

There are many causes for this trend, and here are a couple of them:

1) The shift from small server rooms to dedicated 3rd party data centers.

One of the big reasons that 42U has been the standard height for cabinets is because of how easily they can be moved through conventional office doors. For companies with their own internal data centers, the server cabinets are typically located in the same facility as their offices, so the 42U height certainly makes sense in those cases.

However, as many companies are now shifting from internal data centers to colocation at dedicated 3rd party data centers, they are often able to take advantage of more vertical space than a standard office affords, as well as more sophisticated cooling and power distribution.

2) In these data centers, it’s more cost-effective to build vertically than horizontally.

From a physical space standpoint, it is becoming more cost-effective to build “up”, or add equipment into your existing cabinet, rather than adding it into a totally separate cabinet in the data center. This is especially relevant for those who share colocation space in these 3rd party data centers with other companies, where it may be more difficult or expensive to lease an additional cabinet for new equipment. For these cases it’s more logical to make the most out of the space you already have, and features like taller cabinets and high density cooling can help you to achieve the same level of output within a much smaller space.

High density cabinets at Data Cave

As I mentioned at the top of the post, this trend is one that we at Data Cave have been tuned into, and our newest data suite has been specifically constructed to accommodate for taller 48U cabinets (a little over 7′ tall). Everything from the suite’s layout, cooling, and power distribution has been engineered to allow for higher density computing for businesses who colocate with us. We are confident that this will meet the needs for any clients who require a high density environment for their IT equipment, as well as those who wish to take advantage of the benefits that “building up” offers.

These taller and higher density cabinets are something we are very excited to offer to our clients, and we encourage you to Contact us for more information on them!


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