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Last month I wrote a blog post on the ‘State of Data Backup 2015,’ which looked at several areas where companies can better manage their data backup and restore methods. While that post explored some of the specific activities involved with backing up data, I want to take it a step further by looking at why the things I talked about are so important. A recent study by EMC helps to put much of this into perspective. EMC Data Protection Index

The Global Data Protection Index report from late last year surveyed over 3000 IT decision makers around the world on their data backup methodology, and how this relates to how well protected their data is when a downtime event occurs. We know that last year companies experienced a high level of downtime, and this study not only concurs with that, but also explores how much of an impact that downtime can have, depending on how regularly data is being backed up.

The findings: Do these sound familiar to you?

  1. A total of  69% of primary business data is maintained on-premise.
  2. When it comes to the frequency that data is backed up, only 7% of businesses back up their data at a near continuous rate (or in real time). Additionally, another 16% of those surveyed said that they back up nothing at all continuously.
  3. 57% of those surveyed said that they are not confident that they could restore their data in the event of a hardware failure (one of the leading causes of downtime).

How do these numbers relate to downtime?

The study data shows a strong correlation between the companies who don’t take extensive data backup measures, and those who experience data loss after a downtime event. Of the majority who back up little or no data consistently (about 61%), these same companies are much more likely to lose data when downtime occurs. This makes sense, given the fact that downtime seems to be an inevitability for many companies out there; for the specific companies that EMC talked to for this study, 72% of them experienced unplanned downtime last year. If your data isn’t being backed up regularly, then losing data when you suffer a hardware failure or other downtime can also be inevitable.

How a business responds

These study findings may sound familiar to your own business’s data backup practices, or you may find yourself lacking confidence in your ability to restore your data like the folks in #3. If either of those is the case, then I would implore you to evaluate your backup strategy, what your risks for downtime look like, and consider what changes you could make. In addition to providing a truly maximum level of uptime for your physical equipment, Data Cave also provides a reliable and timely Offsite Backup service that backs up data from your business to our data center. It could be just what you need!


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