Ben Hatton Is your cyber security a company-wide effort?

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As we’ve touched on in the past, a company’s cyber security risks are always present and growing, and security efforts are an ongoing and continually evolving exercise. However, for many companies the required prioritizing and budgeting for cyber security is often left by the wayside, depending on the level of awareness, accountability, and collaboration that exists throughout the organization as a whole. All hands on deck with cyber security

Having a successful cyber security strategy means having shared collaboration, accountability, and ownership of your security throughout all of the levels of your organization. This ‘all hands on deck’ approach is essential, so I want to look at some ways that a company can create an environment that makes cyber security more than just a goal for the IT department, but for the entire company.

1) Raise your collective knowledge level

Arming your organization with knowledge is one of the best steps you can take towards embracing stronger cyber security efforts. Since the risks are always evolving, the information and the technologies that are out there are always growing as well. Because of this, it’s vital to stay educated and well informed of trends in the security industry, the latest vulnerabilities, how other companies are responding to security risks, and more.

2) Raise your accountability

After the Target breach last year, most of the blame for the breach was ultimately levied against the company’s upper management and board of directors, for an overall ‘lack of management and ownership’ of the company’s cyber security. That breach was a wake-up call in a lot of ways, but especially in the sense that a company’s cyber security strategy really needs to start at the top in order to really be effective. Cyber security is something that is ‘owned’ by everyone in an organization, but that ownership example has to be set by the organization’s top management. When that final ownership (and the accountability that comes with it) is taken at the top, the importance of security can be better prioritized as a company goal that in the long run, everyone will be accountable for.

3) Raise your preparedness

A final area to consider is your organization’s ability to assess your actual preparedness level against security threats. This means engaging in the ongoing planning, implementation, and testing that is required for any cyber security initiative. When every level of your organization is ‘all hands on deck,’ full preparedness becomes a much more attainable goal.

More and more, cyber security isn’t something that is relegated strictly to the IT world, but it has become a challenge to companies as a whole. And as such, it can only be effectively tackled when every level of an organization works together. By actively engaging every level of your organization and getting everyone involved in this process, you can take the first steps towards an effective, long-term security strategy.

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