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Something that irritates me beyond belief, and probably many others, is when some type of salesperson makes a cold call to me without doing research on my company first. Especially when that information is readily available on this thing we call the Internet.

With any situation in life, you can usually tell when someone has done their research and when they are just winging it. When it comes down to it, people care a great deal about themselves, so it’s fairly easy to figure out what key phrases you can say to a person to let them know that you have taken at least SOME interest in them and what it is they and their company specialize in. Buzz words and reading a script DO NOT WORK. In fact, buzz words can turn someone off these days quicker than anything else.

Take a look at any current successful company. They put in Layman’s terms exactly what their product is doing and how its features will benefit you, the consumer. If I’m given some type of product literature and it is a clearly vapid attempt at making something simple sound sophisticated by use of “buzz words” I am immediately disinterested in┬ápurchasing the product. You are now fighting an uphill battle to get what could be a stellar product sold to my company.

Buzz Word Bingo

If this weren’t such an annoying problem, then this search would yield much fewer results.

Now, I understand that company websites can be vague, and probably for good reason. Maybe they don’t know what their product looks like yet. But that’s when you do a bit of research and have good product literature to give them. The most precious thing, in just about any industry, is time. And most of the time you value your time higher than theirs. So streamline what you’re doing and what you’re saying and maximize the effectiveness of the time you have with someone. Hit the bullet points and if they want to discuss further, then let that happen. But please be a good judge of whether your customer has time for you or not. This will make more efficient use of your time and theirs.

The bottom line? KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. They are the lifeblood for you and your company. Without them, you wouldn’t have much of a company, would you?

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