Ben Hatton Meet Greg Rhoades: IT Architect for the Data Cave team

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All of us here at Data Cave are happy to welcome Greg Rhoades to the team!  Greg has joined Data Cave as our new Information Technology Architect.  He has more than 20 years of Information Technology experience focused on large scale infrastructure, and spanning a variety of different industries.

Greg RhoadesGreg has had a passion for computers since childhood, when he spent a summer mowing many lawns to fund his first computer, the Commodore VIC-20 (yes he’s been in IT that long). Teaching himself to program, accessorizing the computer and quickly discovering that networked computers are far more useful than stand-alone systems, he wrote a Bulletin Board System (BBS) for his high school as a first foray into “social networks”.  At Purdue where he studied Computer Science, Greg was exposed to UNIX. He very quickly developed a preference for “open systems,” and has never looked back.

Greg has applied his IT knowledge to different industries, including process control (where he once had to perform a SYSGEN of an RSX11M-PLUS system to incorporate a TCP/IP stack), scientific research (building HPC clusters), education, financial services (focusing on e-commerce and Internet infrastructure for wealth management & market data systems) and transportation management systems.

He is an Indiana native, but he has lived in the Northeast and Southeast regions of the country as well. Greg is currently a resident of Southport with his wife Susanne. In addition to his interest in technology, he enjoys travel, spending time with family, and is on a quest to hike every National Park in the US.

Greg is a very welcomed addition, and he will play an integral role in growing Data Cave’s IT infrastructure, as well as our product and service development. Please join us in welcoming Greg to the Data Cave family!


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